The little birds live up high in thier nest, The mother bird brings them what they like best. The squirrels chatter in the tops of the trees, while butterflies flutter whereever they please.

The little ants go up and down, they work hard to build a town. The bee hive is a big, round dome, and bees buzz all around thier home!

The polar bears live around the ice, we think it's chilly, they think it's nice, while on the other side of the ocean little fish swim in a smooth, steady motion!

High up in the mountains the little goats climb, they grow warm coats in the cold wintertime. Looking down at the forest, the young caribou, see bear cubs, racoons, and little deer, too!!

Deep in the jungles live monkeys ,cats, and flying in caves are thousands of bats. But wherever in the world they may roam all the animals agree -- THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME:)

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