Well if you have been fallowing my post you know that I'm ready to have this baby! And that i have been having alot of signs that he is gonna come early which I'm happy about, but last night after talking with SO i find out some thing that makes me nervous if the baby does decide to come early! See Dan works for a towing company and as of now he is the only one at the company who can haul the heavy stuff, like semi's and what not. So because this summer is suppose to be busy for them they want to train the another guy to haul them also.... they work with a company called Co-parts and they have to travel all over Michigan to pick up cars for this company, which mean 90% of the time the driver that is picking up these loads are a couple hours out of town, and because they have decided to start training this other guy, guess who that have doing the Co-part runs?! DAN! so if i was to go in to labor he could possibly be two or three hours away i wouldn't worry about it so much if i was going to have a regular delivery , but I'm having a c section, so its not like the labor process is going to take a while as soon as i go in to labor i go to the hospital and they are going to wheel me back and do the c section! i don't want to have a c section by my self and i really don't want Dan to miss out of the baby being born. i just don't understand how some people can be so dumb, there are 5 other guys that work there, and NONE of them have a wife or gf that is about to have a baby so why the hell would they send the one guy at the shop that does out of town ? ugh.. one more thing i do NOT want or need to deal with.

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