how many of you have school aged kids and work 3-11. i have to get a fulltime (benefits) job and the only cna ones near me hiring for fulltime are all 3-11. i wanted to get some feed back from other moms to see how hard it would be on me and my kids.

little info: my kids are 8 and 9 years. i am married so my hubsnad would be home in the evening for them. i just worry that it would be too hard working an evening shift. the job i have now is part time and doesnt offer fulltime or benefits. which we need desperatly. my husbands job also does not offer benefits, nor ever will.

thanks for your input!

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Apr. 22, 2011 at 1:18 PM

I don't have school-age kids; my son will be four in June. However, I've been working a second shift position as a CNA since he was two. He goes to a sitter for a couple hours and my DH picks him up around supper time. He misses me and looks forward to my days off, but it hasn't caused serious harm for him.

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