Mary Kay has some great products for you! 

Yea I will agree we are a little pricing,but think about a little dab goes a long way,and thats how Mary Kays products are. 

Come on you know as much as you say you can't afford make-up doesn't mean you don't want it. 

Why buy stuff from the store that is cluming,drys out easy,its oily,soapy,you have to reapply over and over agian, when with Mary Kay you just have to use a little dab not even the size of your finger to apply to your eyes,lips,etc. 

Ever have trouble finding the right tone of foundation or blush (I know I did till I tended a Mary Kay Meeting) worries now whith Mary Kay we have a tone chart that has a small dab of the tone colors surrounded by clear board to place upon your face to get a better idea of your color. So why go to the stare and guess by putting it up to your face and waste money trying to figure it out when with Mary Kay you can meet up with a face to face conslutant to help find the right tone for you. 

Trust me when I say you won't be disapponited and you will want to come back and buy more. 

So Please check out our website and email me back if you would like to place an order....or maybe you are a little unsure about our products not a problem email and we can set up an apponitment for you to try some products for FREE and then you can tell use what you think! 

Skin Care Product: 

Make-up Products: 

Body and sun Products: 

Fragrance Products: 

Men Products(Yes we even sell stuff for me): 

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Apr. 22, 2011 at 12:37 PM

Cool Products!

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