Well its official went to the doctor yesterday for my appt and since I've been having contractions for a week straight and I am 70% effaced but I'm not dilating on my own..(.like barely even a one) I'm being induced on Wednesday morning at 39 weeks!! Not looking forward to the harder labor part and everyone sees it fit to tell me their horror stories of being induced (exactly what i want to hear right??). My mom at least keeps telling me how she was induced with my brother and I and she didnt have an epidural and it wasnt that bad, both her labors were 4-5 hours since she did everything on her own except dilate...hopefully I'll be like her. Can't believe in less than a week Azlynn is going to be here! I've been so calm this whole time and had a really easy pregnancy but the nerves are so kicking in now. I mean I'm going to be in charge of taking care of a baby...I'm going to be a mommy...so insane yet I so can't wait.

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