Today I tried to go rent a car after having a horrible time with Comcast. I was going to be like fuck you Comcast I'm going to rent a car for the weekend and lived like I never lived before. I was going to just take my laptop to the cafe and use it once or twice a week to finsh homework for class. Witht he extra money I save by not paying ya jokers I can buy a cofee and a snack for my kid so he will be easier to deal with (while at the cafe).

I went to the rental place today feeling good had a game plan picked out and when they had to pull a bill for a credit check my updated information wasnt in the system yet. So I was unable to rent. I felt so embarressed. Like I wouldnt go through all this trouble if I knew it wasnt showing you upto date information. either way i went home and like broke down cause I really wanted to drive somewhere and do things that normal people do.

After about an hour I thought maybe that was a sign that the money WAS meant for the cable bill and not my personal enjoyment. I worked out a plan with my rental office (cause if I kept the money I woulda paid rent early) ***Thank God they are helpful and work with me cause I would be so screwed up anywhere else*** and i am trying to clear this cable thing up. The last agent I talked to seemed way more effective. She listened to the situation and was like I can talk to my supervisor for you...that is all I wanted in the begining. I just wanted more help from higher up not the run around and being talked to like I am a valued customer.

So God willing things will go back to normal and I can enjoy things and not have to go to a cafe and use the internet for class. I know I stress out more than the average person but when it is all on your shoulders it is hard not too. Plus I know things are real. Companies will cut your shit off and your shit can be put out on the street.

I made that promise to myself once I was prego to never go through the shit I had to as a kid (not being in a stable environment/moving a lot). So I bust my ass hardcore. Yes I want fun more than tears but my reward for doing all of this (mother,college student, single parent) must be Wilder than my WILDEST dreams cause i'm doing a hell of a lot right now.



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Apr. 23, 2011 at 9:35 PM

Keep your chin up momma, I to am a single mom with 2 special needs boys, I am a full time student. And no "real" job. I know the struggle you are going through, BUT trust me in the end it will be just a stepping stone that you had to CLIMB to where you are going. BEST OF LUCK

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