Dear parents/caretakers.

A little over 2 years ago my husband and I found out we were pregnant with twins! It came as a big shock to us because twins did not run in my family. My husband and I were delighted and felt blessed to have our twin identical daughters. But little did we know the challenges we faced when they were born!! We had no family in town to help us so my husband and I mainly relied on one another to balance the load of caring for twin infants. After many sleepless nights and a lot of crying we were desperate to find ways to instantly calm our daughters. We tried driving around for hours just to get a moment of sanity, we went for long walks, bounced for hours on an exercise ball, swaddled them and put them in swings, vibration chairs..all these techniques were either unsafe (driving when sleep deprived), bouncing/rocking (too painful for our backs) plus when we stopped they would wake up quickly. We were beyond tired, frustrated, helpless and desperate to find a way to calm them quickly and easily. And we were surprised that there was NOTHING out there that to help us.

When our daughters were two months old we came up an incredible idea to assist in calming our frantic newborns. We knew they liked vibration and bounciness so we incorporated these two motions and came up with a new and innovative design that helped calm them in SECONDS to the point of falling asleep. It worked EVERY TIME!! and it was EASY and SAFE!! we were perplexed that there was nothing like it on the market. WE did a lot of research and consulted with pediatricians until we knew that our product would work for other parents with similar challenges.

We are proud to say that we finally got a patent and prototype for our idea and are ready to demonstrated its INCREDIBLE effectiveness in calming other colicky/fussy infants in no time without the hassle. Our New baby product is completely safe!!

If you are interested in finding out more information and want to schedule an appointment with us email me on this site or at We will provide you with the our product prototype, instructions, flip camera and let you film its effectiveness. Plus you get $50 for allowing us to share your experience .

Calming your infant has never been so easy.....

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