Dear readers....Happy Good Friday to you first and foremost....second can you believe that I sat down and typed out a huge blog about my mom and how she is doing and it did not get posted.  We are still in the hospital.  I had prayed that we could come home today but at last it did not happen.  She had a really bad day yesterday.  She stayed in La La Land even after they took off the morphine pump.  She would ramble off the wall stuff, talked about my brother who has passed on.  So today I kept her awake so that she could focus waking up and getting out of here.  I want to go home.  I haven't seen my babies since Monday.  As I type this my husband is taking my son to the ER.  Storm (my son who is 12) has been having a pain in his chest and I am a worry wort so I sent my husband to take to him to the ER.  So I am sitting here worried and stressing.  I am going to have to go home tomorrow whether she can or not.  I am making a cake for Easter Dinner on Sunday plus I am out of clean clothes and my medicines that I HAVE to take.  Well since no sex toy stuff has been happening I will shut up and I hope tomorrow I will be back to sex toys and my own bed...doesn't have to be in that order...






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