just finshed makeing cup cakes with the twins they so love to cook as they are covered in frosting

we sat out side as the weather was so nice and sunny for once the last few has been snowing on and off crazy

baby Michael sat in the soft grass playing with bright color plastic egges

i think they ate more than got done but oh, well they had a blast we talked about colors and then about rabbits they what to pet one I'm like i don't have one to pet the easter bunny come and gives us treats oh, my happy to

i was aslo cover in frosting in my hair yeah, pink and sticky can't to hide the easter eggs for the boys to find they are going to make a map for the other one to find eggs should be fun we colored eggs last night hubby gets so upset when make a mess i tell to breath lol the eggs are so pretty all bright and happy wish it was easter all the time well, not really as it won't be as fun

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Apr. 23, 2011 at 12:54 AM


easter eggHappy Easter!

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