Today has been WONDERFUL! I spent the earlier part of the week planning and preparing for today; we celebrated Easter & Earth Day with my MIL in the morning & had my FIL & Step-MIL over in the afternoon to dye eggs and visit. I'm proud to report that my diligence has payed off and today has gone so enjoyably smooth. Despite my son keeping me up till after 1am last night *ugh*, I was up on time this morning and ready, coffee in hand, by the time my MIL showed up @ 7am :) We kicked off the morning with some wonderfully strong, not bitter, coffee and chit-chat. My Husband was able to visit with us before tromping off to work; we exchanged Easter gifts and updates on our recent goings-ons. After my husband left, we arranged the Easter gifts for the children and took pics, everything looked so lovely. We woke the kids up at 8am, spent time letting them get over the excitement of Nana, then enjoyed breakfast with them (they ate, we visited with them). After that we did the kids daily primp & dress, moving right in to school-time. What a blessing to have my MIL's helping hands, as well as, being able to share my daily joy in homeschooling with her! We introduced her to our online calendar activity and worked in our dry erase activity books, then we finished up our Easter Story and Life of Jesus mini books. After that we took a break; the kids had a snack & played while we rested, then fixed lunch. We spent time opening Easter gifts (which I so thankfully got ALL of on Video!), then put the baby down for a nap and headed outside to plant flowers; the kids were so thrilled to be planting their own "gardens" as they called them. After that, we had lunch and the kids napped. During their nap-time my MIL helped me get things ready for the afternoon egg dying with my FIL & Step-MIL. We got done quickly and had time to visit and eat lunch together-so great! Before taking off she helped me get the kids up and ready, then it was bye-bye sweet Nana. I managed to spill coffee on myself not 1 min after closing the door behind her, lol! No worries, I had time to rinse and dry my shirt in the 20mins before my FIL & Step-MIL arrived. I had everything ready so we moved from them settling in and visiting right into egg dying with out a hitch! It was really fun and I was able to catch a bit on video, once I remembered to turn it on. After the egg dying wound down, I sent the kids outside to play, so us adults could chat and I could clean up; they were tired from cleaning in preparation of the weekend. I gave the kids some Ice water and their ring-pops (their only edible Easter treat) and spent time sharing the kids school work with my In-laws. I got to take my Step-MIL upstairs and show her some of our school materials and tools- so neat to share with her and get her teacher's perspective. Not long after that it was time for them to head home, so we said our goodbyes. It'll be fun to share Easter Sunday with them as well as the great grandparents; church, supper, and egg hunting! What a WONDERFUL way to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus!!! Right now my kids are playing happily and I'm about to get them bathed and in bed. Tomorrow will be a day of rest and preparation for Sunday; a new cheesecake recipe to tinker with, grocery shopping, family time (we have a pool and slip'n'slide we've been waiting to use), preparation etc.....we'll squeeze resting in their somewhere :). Thank you God for this fulfilling day, chock-full of blessings and thank you Jesus for suffering the crucifixion on my behalf; This Friday IS good <3

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Sep. 23, 2011 at 3:46 PM

I'm so glad I took the time to journal this. It's wonderful to be able to come back and read this on those days that everything seems to be working against me. It reminds me of why I keep doing what I do and who I should remember to thank :)

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