Today I was excited as always to celebrate Earth Day!!! I went to an Earth Day event at Georgia Tech, I wore my Go Green shirt & It Pays To Go Green Ask Me How button. It was shocking to me how many people don't understand how simple it is to Go Green. Many people don't understand that just by switching to a plant based laundry detergent, dish soap & household cleaner helps to save the planet. Many people are under the impression that using plant based products means your clothes & household doesn't get clean. It was fun to talk to people & combat that remark with, "Before there was Tide, Arm & Hammer, Mr Clean how did people clean themselves??? With the plants around them....". Also I was able to show many how over time they can save money by Going Green. Especially when they are no longer putting the extra toxins in their body that makes them sick. Less sickness means less spent on over the counter & prescription drugs. This ultimately means less spent on medical cost & can possibly reduce the cost of health insurance. Today just made me even more proud that I have not only taken the time to educate myself but also to be a part of a company who understands the importance of Going Green. I truly enjoyed sharing the benefits of Going Green with others. Today was a GREAT day! 




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