My oh my do I love my kids. I have a 7 yr old boy and a 9 yr old girl. She has been so very ahead of her age since she was very young. She was talking up a storm at 16 to 18 months, and drawing flowers w/ smiley faces at 2! She could say her alphabet at 18 mos and what most any animal says....Yes, very bright! BUT, her temper tantrums!! OH my goooossshhh!! YIKES! They are not every day or even every month like this bad, but when they are...DANG!!! One today was so bad she got into that hyperventalating crying thing and said that we "SUCK" and she "hated" us and she wanted to move out! I encouraged her to just "GO"!! Seems like reasoning w/ her is just like talking to a wall, NOT WORKING! Sending to her room ticks her off, she kept trying to escape, saying she had to blow her nose or needed a drink. I gave her some T.P. to blow her nose but told her no water! Then we try reasoning and she turns everything around at us or her brother, making us all sound EVIL...well it all started because her brother took her marker! He got put in the corner and after he got out, he took it, but put it right down, but man she FLIPPED the heck out! and it all went downhill from there! SOOO, she was screaming and yellling at us, flipping out, so she was sent to her room, after that failed, we tried reasoning, after she got more mouthy, she was spanked, that just made it way worse, she was sent to her room again where she screamed that we suck and she hates us. THEN she got her mouth washed out w/ soap and smaked in the cheek. THEN I lost it and took away all the Parakeets we've had (Under agreement the kids would behave and not be mouthy, etc, which she certainly broke about twice, especially today!) SO, then ensued the 2 hour cry fest and trying to go to Church in the middle of all this for a Good Friday service! She did calm down for Church, but afterward when she asked if she'd get the birds back, I said NO...I took them back, cage, food, and all to a pet store...

Now tell me u wouldn't wanna smack her! It was unholy the sounds that came outta her, the screams, words, everything blaming Noah and that she did nothing wroooonnnggg! What're ya supposed to do? I feel I'm losing my mind! Probably two or three times in her life, she's been smacked in the cheek, but only for when she totally flips out in her crazy rage tantrums! THEN a mark was left on her face and then CPS was called on us and it was a mess, but no charges were ever pressed against us! I mean, what the hell ya supposed to do when your child is acting demon posessed times 100????

Really needing your prayers and advice, Friends!



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