I need a hobby that can be achieved with two little kiddos. Know of any? I am bored out of mind most days. My life evolves around planning meals, getting everyone ready, trips to the grocery store, dollar store, target - all of which end up rushed because my boys don't exactly find their thrill in sitting in shopping carts. I'm a writer and so I have been doing more of this, however,never when the baby is awake. I can sew but my machine's only spot is the table and it seems to draw them to me even if I've left them playing or sitting in front of elmo. My four year old wants to always help and even though I cherish the fact that he is willing to be my little servant - you all know that helping ends up into craft time for them. Augh I feel like I have the Mommy blues. I don't know what my answer is to get out of this slump. Any advice?

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Apr. 23, 2011 at 8:08 AM

Maybe get a part time job? Something that will get you out of the house? Or maybe like a small, work from home one...like Pampered Chef or Premier Designs Jewlery or something. I used to do Premier Designs. It was fun, got me out of the house and I could do it in my schedule, you know? 

Or maybe you can take up photography....something that will get you outside for thirty minutes, an hour....have your SO watch the boys or a friend and just get out for some much needed me time.

It sounds like you need a little bit more of a "personal" life, rather than just mommy. We all need breaks. :) 

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Apr. 23, 2011 at 9:05 AM

You sound exactly like me a few months ago. My youngest child had just turned one and I was BORED!!! That was the only way to describe it. I wasn't depressed. I wasn't unhappy. I was lonely. I just felt no stimulation. I LOVE staying home with my kids, but where was "my time"? I tried scrapbooking. I joined a gym that offers child care. I even TRIED to start a blog!

Finally a friend invited me to a direct sales party, and I loved the product. The company isn't hiring new consultants until August, but until then I am hosting parties and getting free products. IF I decide to become a consultant I have a HUGE inventory to show customers. If I decide to just have parties with no commitment to selling then I am just getting free stuff! Right now I have a party in May that I am getting ready. It's fun and doesn't really cost anything. Got invitations at the $1 store and a few 2 litters and snacks. It gives me something to look forward to. An afternoon with my girlfriends and their friends. And it is like Christmas when my box comes with all the bags and totes. I am NOT trying to "sell" you anything or get you to "join" anything.  BUT if you want more info ... message me! 

Good luck .... know you are not the only one feeling that way! :)

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Apr. 23, 2011 at 5:58 PM

Yep I was the same way and sometimes still am since my youngest is only 9 months I do more taking care of her then anything so it fills my day.  Now for my nights when I can get her down at a good time I crochet I use to knit but I can actually get something made crocheting I also make jewelry but that can get costly crocheting is pretty cheap and so relaxing after a long day of yelling kids a crying baby and running around.  They have tons of vids on you tube of how to get started and CM also has a group.  I have fun with it it's so peaceful and I usually end up going at it for a few hours then I'm ready for bed it's a nice way to end my day.  Good luck and I hope you find something you love to do :)

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