Hello again Dear Readers,                                                                                So, I had a professional photographer at my house today. For...Free! (free is always awesome, but, even more so since my husband is laid off). Our365 is a company that does your newborn's first pictures in the hospital. I already had those done and this was a follow up visit. (They give you a free 8x10 and then you can choose to buy additional photos). It was an amazing experience! 
         The photographer that came to my house was David. He was so good with my dear son. He even included DD (dear daughter) in the pictures. He made her laugh by making a little stuffed Barney pop up and fall all over the place. (I even laughed a bit)! Only one tiny issue....He put me in a few photos...and I had no make-up on!!  
         If I could afford it, I would have someone come to my house to do all our pictures!   
         Speaking of pictures, I usually get pictures done at either Sears or the Picture People at the mall. (Hint...sign up for stuff at the Picture People, I get coupons for free 8x10's or 10x13's all the time)! I like them for basic pictures or when I don't have a lot of extra money, because it's $20 a sheet (whatever sizes you want). What I don't like about them is that they have no backgrounds, only black and white. When I need something special, like Christmas pictures, I use Sears. They have great deals and backgrounds! Neither Sears or Picture People charge a sitting fee! If you are interested I have links at the end of this post and on the sidebar! Enjoy and keep taking those pictures, Dear Readers...They are future memories!!

Here are those links:
           http://www.our365.com/ , www.picturepeople.com

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