eatingToday, after much preparation, is our family Easter meal. My sis and bf are here from NC and have to be back to NC to work on Monday, so they will need a good chunk of tomorrow to travel. So I asked everyone if we could have the Easter meal today instead... heck why not right?  of course everyone said "YES!!!"

So my sis came up on thursday and we started fine tuning the plans and put it into motion yesterday. We got all the side dishes made.... the hams bought and now we are getting ready to transport everything to our parents cottage 2 hours away.

We made the list and checked it twice ... and I am sure it will be checked again before we head out of the driveway.

Allie is here to share the time with us and unfortunately, we will not be able to Skype with rachel since she is in Bath today and will be in France tomorrow. I guess I should have thought ahead of a time when she could have chatted with at least my sis.  (drat)

ok time to get the ball moving.

It is raining here too...



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