Yesterday I found a few issues I'm having with this pregnancy that higher my risk of loss.  I'm keeping positive about it, though.  My baby's tough, like all my kids, and being my last he HAS to give me issues... right?   Just like Emily did, and here she is, 9 yrs later, driving me insane on a daily basis, LOL!

1. I'm suffering from a subchronic hematoma (a blood clot in/on/whatever the placenta).  I know it seems scary and, of course it means that I'll have bleeding throughout the pregnancy (go figure!) but I've seen plenty of women who've gone on and had healthy pregnancies/babies.

2-he's measuring behind.  Well I read the u/s they gave me yesterday and it said he was (as of yesterday) measuring 5wks 6days, which, by u/s, is just a guesstimate and can always be off by a few days here/there. At first I was a bit freaked, then I tried to think of it in "humorus" light... he's just gonna be short like the rest of our kids, LOL!  Then I tried to get more logical about it... if I think of his measurements based on CONCEPTION and NOT LMP... he'd only be measuring (TODAY) 7wks 4days, because I was, and still maybe am, lol, SURE that we conceived on March 15.  Instead he's measuring, what would be today, 7wks on the dot... meaning that, just MAYBE, he wasn't conceived on the 15th, but on the 12th instead... and it's very possible (though I ovulated on the 15th BUT we did do the deed on the 12th)... so, see, possible!

3. Slow fetal heart beat. They said they're concerned because his HB seems to be in the 80-90's, or lower (they didn't tell us the EXACT HB but they said they like to see ABOVE 90 and 80-90 worries them so I'm assuming that was where it was).  THAT can also be contributed to him measuring smaller/at actual conception age rather than at LMP dates. Everything I've read means they like to see it measuring at LEAST 90-110 at 7wks, but if I'm not quite 7wks then that's, I guess, ok.  

I know I might not be rationalizing this the "right" way, in face I may be WAY off, BUT, this is my way of making everything alright and I NEED everything to be alright.  Ray and I talked about it some more last night and we both agree that if, by SOME chance, this doesn't work out, that it's just meant to be and we have to live with it, and that as soon as the doc gives us the ok, we'll try again.   I just hope it doesn't get to that.  I guess it's in fate's hands now. 

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May. 16, 2011 at 11:31 AM

aww hun im so sorry

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