Franchise Support

We do everything we can think of to make Juice Plus+ the perfect part-time business.

One of the many strengths of a Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is the support and encouragement we offer every step of the way. For example, we handle "back room" administrative functions such as order processing, shipping, billing, and collecting - so that you can focus solely on sharing Juice Plus+ and building your customer base.

What's more, we offer a wide array of high-quality marketing materials, a variety of innovative marketing programs, user-friendly Internet support, and solid business training that make it even easier for you to share Juice Plus+ with others and to successfully build your business.


Help from real nutrition experts

You don't have to be a "nutrition expert" to share Juice Plus+
You don't have to be a "nutrition expert" to Share Juice Plus+ - far from it! We offer a number of top-quality educational CDs and DVDs featuring one or more leading health professionals - explaining why fruits and vegetables are so important to health and wellness, and how Juice Plus+ fills a critical void in most people's diets. Supported by the credibility of these experts, you'll find it's much easier to get others to appreciate the benefits of Juice Plus+.


Informative Juice Plus+ Events
Prevention Plus+ health education meetings and webinars.

Prevention Plus+ health education meetings and webinars. These educational meetings - designed for both your prospects and your customers - feature doctors and other health professionals, many of whom also appear on Prevention Plus+ CDs and DVDs.

You can check out upcoming Juice Plus+ events at

Your customers also receive the latest Prevention Plus+ newsletter in every carton of Juice Plus+.

In-Home Wellness Presentations. We give you everything you need to successfully share Juice Plus+ in your home (or elsewhere) with several people at once. Our step-by-step instructions and the guidance of your sponsor make it easy and fun.

Innovative Marketing Programs
Juice Plus+ Professional Support Program.

Juice Plus+ Professional Support Program. If you know a doctor or other professional who takes Juice Plus+ and wants to share it with his or her patients or clients, we offer a special "tried and proven" variation on our Virtual Franchise system designed specifically for the busy professional.

Juice Plus+ Children's Health Study. To encourage families to participate in our ongoing Children's Health Study, we provide Juice Plus+ free to children ages 4-18, as well as college-age kids, as long as their parents agree to begin taking Juice Plus+ as well.

User-friendly Internet Support

Your own personalized Juice Plus+ website.

Your own personalized Juice Plus+ website. Send your prospects and customers to your own Juice Plus+ website! You pick the design: we do the rest. Your personal contact information is shown on each page, making it easy for your customers and prospects to communicate with you and order from you.

Your own "Virtual Office." Manage your business quickly and conveniently from your online, password-protected Virtual Office. Your Virtual Office organizes your business for you, providing everything you need to build your business right at your fingertips, anywhere you have access to a computer and the Internet, 24/7/365.

Training Support
Get practical advice to help grow your Juice Plus+ business.

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