He's such a purdy boy - he's a BIG puppy. he's 7 1/2 months old and 85 pounds.

Paddy our 7 1/2 month old bulldog who weighed in at 85 pounds last night.

Me and Abbie - and part of my friends face. LOL

She is sooo cute and expressive. LOL

she peed all over my blanket when I was trying to take these... LOL

Hey, paddy look, I got a foot....

Come here puppy...

She's so cute in just her diaper. LOL I love babies in diapers and socks. haha

oh hai your on my couch...

I gots feet mom!

My friends sunglasses on the baby. LOL

What my carrier looks like nursing from the top. IT's very discrete.

She doesn't want the kitty to leave.

She loves her puppy.... though he's a very big puppy. LOL

Hands on nursing. LOL

Hands free nursing. :)

haha the baby is obsessed with paddy's lips. LOL

Puppy snuck in for a kiss while I was trying to take her picture. he adores her. LOL

Chilling on the couch with a toy........

She loves her feet, and is learning how to pull off her socks now. LOL

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Apr. 25, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Such sweet photos !...  Everybody looks so fine and healthy and beautiful !!!...  Thanks for sharing !!!

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