I believe it's a trap from the devil to readChristian books OTHER THAN THE BIBLE.You see the DEVIL IS VERY SUBLE,that's what the Bible calls SATAN cunning,crafty,DECIEVING!There is so many Christian books out there,because Christians are trying to make money off of it and they are TRYING TO TO GIVE YOU OTHER entertainment from what the world has to offer.I SAY READ YOUR --BIBLE FIRST--THE NEW TESTAMENT MOSTLY IN JOHN AND LUKE and then all the others ESPECIALLY GALATIONS 5;16-24 WHICH TALKS ABOUT HOW our FLESH and SPIRIT fight with one another, EPHESIANS,but mostly JOHN AND LUKE and GALATIONS because they TEACH YOU HOW TO BE A CHRISTIAN and alot of churches are teaching you to be one,That's why IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBLITY to READ your Bible and MAKE IT A STUDY Bible or a NEW BELIEVERS Bible because they are easier to understand and they have examples of scriptures they break down so you can understand them better.We will ALL STAND BEFORE GOD on judgement DAY and give account of what we did for CHRIST, that is your good deeds and HOW YOU LIVED YOUR LIFE, IF YOUR CHURCH ISN'T teaching you how to be a Christian then YOU HAVE TO READ THE BIBLE YOURSELF AND TEACH YOURSELF, IF YOU ARE A bORN AGAIN BELIEVER the holy spirit will teach you,just make sure you pray to God first,in Jesus name.Alot of you moms are busy so God understands but when you have time maybe say alittle prayer before the kids wake up and ask God to help you understand the scriptures and be a good Christ example. What my Bible teachers always told me was to DO BIBLE MEMORY CARDS.write down a scripture or more on a index card and stick it up on your Bathroom mirror or tape it to your refridgerator. A GOOD SCRIPTURE FOR WEIGHT CONTROL IS IN Galations 5;22 where it says those who live by the spirit WILL have self control, and you can use that scripture for weight management.Make reading the Bible in those books I've mentioned and other new testament ones and you are on your way,if you write and memorize them to being a real Chrisitan.If you aren't reading these scriptures and making them apart of your lifestyle then you aren't a Christian and I'm speaking to myself here.Jesus says people ate and drank with him but he didn't let them into heaven. Galations 5 verse 24 says Those who belong to Christ Jesus HAVE NAILED THEIR PASSIONS AND DESIRES OF THEIR SINFUL NATURE TO HIS CROSS AND CRUCIFIED THEM THERE!That would mean you wouldn't cuss,get really mad and seek revenge,hate or murder someone,being lustful,the sins of your sinful nature are on Galations 5 verse 16-19!Jesus says about the true Christian life, wide is the road that leads to death and destruction and narrow is the road that leads to life and that's in me Jesus says! Now I'm not saying don't read any other book,I'm saying read the Bible first,the beginning of your day,is what most people do or go over your scripture cards.Remember God looks at your heart and whatever  other things take over your time more than the Bible means your in trouble of not being a very good Christian.Recently,a family member gave me a book to read,it says it's Christian and I don't like to read books never been a thing for me,but I liked this one it's cute BUT THERE'S A COUPLE OF STORIES ABOUT IT THAT MISLEAD YOU about being a Christian in it.They say ; you have to CHANGE and be like a little child to GET INTO HEAVEN, THAT'S NOT WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS.The Bible says, YOU HAVE TO BECOME BORN AGAIN--Not changed!This story is about a little boy who went to heaven and lived to tell about it, HE SAID HE WAS SCARED WHEN HE WAS IN HEAVEN or something,it didn't sound right,BECAUSE I've felt God before and it's a feeling of GLORY,HAPPINESS so that's why I say watch out for THESE CHRISTIAN BOOKS!!

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