That means you HAD TO work for your SALVATION AND OFFER your CHOICEST pig,goat,or whatever else you held very close to your survival to like your chickens and offer that as your sin offering.I think turtle doves were used too, oil and grain offerings aswell.When Jesus DIED he ripped the curtain or veil in the tabarnacle where ONLY THE PRIEST COULD GO IN AND TALK TO GOD,IT RIPPED AS A SYMBOL that NOW ALL MANKIND can have a RELATIONSHIP with GOD, not just the HOLIEST PRIEST.We don't have to offer sin offerings anymore BECAUSE JESUS PAID FOR OUR SINS ON THE CROSS,ONCE AND FOR ALL,SO there's no more need for that kind of thing.The way we OFFER UP TO GOD A sacrifice is THROUGH OUR LIFE,we try to live Holy and do good like Jesus did while he was here on earth.He is our ultimate role model.Before Jesus went TO THE CROSS he PRAYED FIRST, that's what we all have to do when we have a major decision to make or if we are getting into a argument.Because of JESUS DEATH ON THE CROSS ,ALL MANKIND CAN HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with GOD and with Jesus AND GO TO HEAVEN, but first you must know him and have his holy spirit.

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