Some of you already know what has happened, for others I would like you to understand why our family is grieving.
Last Sunday Rick and I took the dogs for a walk.  We noticed that Scotty, our little dog, was not as "spirited" on his walk as he usually is.  By Tuesday night he was becoming lethargic so Rick stayed home on Wed. and took him to the vet.  The vet found a large tumor in his abdomen.  He was referred to a veterinary surgeon.  The surgeon consulted and asked us to bring him back the next day for more tests. 
On Thursday morning the blood work and ultrasound showed he had lymphoma.  This is a cancer of the lymph nodes and blood and is quite treatable with a 2-3 year life expectancy.  Rick and I gathered our funds and checked our credit card balance and figured out how to pay for his treatments (3 rounds of chemo two weeks apart). 
Thursday afternoon we drove him to a specialty vet in Sacramento who handles cancer cases.  He was placed in the Oncology ICU department.
This vet also assured us scotty was young (10 for a terrier is still young), in good health otherwise and most dogs respond to chemo quickly for this type of cancer.  We left him at the vets and headed home.  He had his first round of chemo right away.  The story from here is from the vet:

He had slept most of the evening but seemed comfortable and his tail wagged every time someone walked by.  He was more alert than he had been prior to treatment.  About 1 am his nurse took him for a walk.  He seemed excited for his walk (as he usually is) and was out about 15 mins.  A short time later the vet thought he looked "still", so she walked over to check on him and called his name.  He didn't respond so she touched him.  His head popped up and he looked at her like "What now?  I am trying to sleep".  She walked away.  A few mins. later she said she just "got a feeling" something wasn't right so she went to check on him again and he already passed away. 

That night while I was sleeping I woke up suddenly with the sensation that Scotty had jumped up on my bed (he normally slept between Rick and I). 
I sat up and felt around but he wasn't there.  Then I remembered where he was and drifted back to sleep with happy thoughts that I would see him again on Friday after work as the clinic in Sacramento is not far from where I work.
About 2 am the my cell phone rang.  It was the vet telling me what had happened.  I was devastated and sobbing.  Rick woke up and cried with me.  We had lost OUR baby.  This was the first dog Rick had ever owned.  This was our baby that slept with us.  That curled up with us on the couch watching TV.  Our encourager to get out and walk every day at 4:15 pm. 

Several people have pointed out it was Good Friday.  My dog passed in the early morning hours of Good Friday. 

It will take us weeks, months, perhaps years to get over losing this special little dog.  He was the first "non spotted dog" I've had since I was a child. 
What hurts is that it was so unexpected.

I picked up his body on Friday afternoon and brought him home to bury in our yard.  Rick dug his grave - very therapeutic for him. 

The oncology vet, Dr. Hammond, still has no answer for what happened.  She called his regular vet, his surgeon and the radiologist who did the tests to again discuss their findings and expected prognosis on his condition.  None of them EVER saw any indication he would not survive.  We do not know what he died from. Their best guess is he developed a blood clot in his brain.  He should have shown signs on his walk that something was wrong, but he did not.  So that is just their best guess. 

I did still sing in the Good Friday concert at Church and I made Rick go also.  Although I couldn't smile as I worshiped, I know God is in charge and he loved Scotty too.  Someday we will be able to talk about Scotty with smiles on our faces instead of tears running down our cheeks. 

Cindy & Rick

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