I have been displaced frommy home i8n the past year and I am living in a transistional housing unit (homeless shelter) with two of my four children and my husband. It was nice till a certain resident started calling childrens services on us for stupid things like my childrens behavior, they have behavior problems and there isnt much i can do about it. but i got a letter in today saying that i was the alleged abuser of mylittle girl because she has bite marks on her arms,which have now faded she does this when she is really mad. I did the same thing when i was a little kid i used to beat my head off the wall when i couldnt figure out my homework from school or bite myself when i got really mad. they donttake any of this into consideration. no parent is perfect . If we were there would be no thiefs and murderers and rapists and things like that, but I feel this is bull because i do the best i can my children are in school the only time i see them is after school when i get home from work and onthe weekends when i dont have work. The kids are getting so big. i cant believe how big they are getting It went sofast and I love them so much they dont derseve to have this constant harrassment in thier lives . its rediculous. I just wish these fucking people would leave me and my family the hell alone and never come near us again if you dont understand that my chioldren have medical problems then you dont understand muh and the thing that  gets me is that 90% of the childrens ervices dont ahve thier own children sothey do not know what a family goes through everysday of thier lives the fight each family faces day to day especfially with children that have problems there whole thing is we dont want to hear its a medical concern we just want to blame someone for it and we dont care if it tears a family apart its what we want to do . Dont they think they have had enough lawsuits against them that they would start going after the families that really do abuse there children and that use drugs with there childrenin the room and things like that . That is whom i would be going after nopt families that do everything they can to take care of thier children and make sure thier children have what they need and leave them the hell alone ............ but that is my opinion and my rant for the day if you have any comments feel free to post them. thanks for reading this rant and i hope everyone out there has better luck than i do right now. and have a happy easter!

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Apr. 23, 2011 at 9:03 PM

I'm sorry :(  my mom went though that with us kids and you're they don't care if it tears a family apart. I hope things get better soon I'll pray for you and your family that everything gets better really soon

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Apr. 30, 2011 at 11:28 PM

thanks its been really rough going and I wish we would just catch a break already and its not happening but I did get to tak ethe kids to the circus today and they loved the show waws amazng. Although I am afraid of clown like really bad it wasnt too bad.

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