Today I let Eli explore the world of art "hands on".  We did some fun finger painting.  

This is how it started.... 

Then he slowly started to explore... 

I was so proud!!! He's a natural!!!

But he couldn't stop there... He had other plans....

To redecorate the boring floors...

& walls....

Time to divert him with something else....

Thank God for Bubbles! 

Although Eli enjoyed the finger painting I'm not sure when we'll do this again.... Maybe we can go to Grandma Janet's & Grandma Bella's house to paint... I'm sure they will be thrilled ;) 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter Weekend! 

(P.S we used Crayola non toxic, washable finger paint)

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Apr. 23, 2011 at 8:49 PM

Cute!! Looks like fun (for at least one of you, lol)! ENJOY!


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