I'm excited about the upcoming month of May! Why? Well, the big deal is my birthday is in May. While I may be turning 27 and starting to feel old (including a few gray hairs here and there), I'm determined to make it a good birthday! There's even talk from DH about us going to visit my family back in Louisiana for my birthday/Memorial Day weekend. Oh and Mother's Day is also in May, I totally forgot.

Secondly, the new Sookie book is out on May 3rd. Oh. Em. Geeeeeeee.

And last, but certainly not least, with DH's new AWESOME insurance, I'll finally be able to see a good doctor! See, we decided to get rid of our insuance with DH's job back in December. It was costing us roughly $600 a month and that was taking a huge chunk out of our paychecks. Then in February, DH got laid off (company went under) so we were on Medicaid from the end of February until the end of March (I know some people need it but it's kinda crappy overall). Then at the beginning of this month (April), DH started with Dell and now we get AMAZING insurance and pay MUCH MUCH less for our insurance. But the reason I'm trying to see a doctor is because we've been TTC #2 since February 2010 and nothing has happened. I've charted all this time, used OPKs for a couple months, and still nothing. I have yet to start taking my BBT but we'll see where this takes us. Hopefully, my doctor can run some tests on me and see what's out of whack with my body or DH's and we can get on the road to BABY MAKING. Wooooo hoooo!

So yeah. May. It's not just for Mother's Day or birthdays anymore. It's also for fertility doctor visits!! Wish me luck yall :)

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Apr. 24, 2011 at 4:35 AM


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