I just started my new business. I have been working on the website for the last week, hardly done but I have been able to put alot of product up.

If anyone gets some time they should check it out. http://www.tiffanyshomeandgarden.com/. Maybe 1/4th of the site is even done and about 50-100 new items are added everyday.

I take paypal so I never see anyone's credit cards its all safe. But shipping can take anywhere from 3-5 days and out of the states maybe longer.

Also find my facebook page Tiffany's Home and Garden there I will post weekly hot items and where they are located on the site.

Sadly at the moment I don't have promo codes or gift card access, Remember i'm very new at this and so it will take me a few weeks to learn how to get a shopping cart that will allow that. I personally believe good shoppers should get deals.

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