confusedOk, soo Im 15 right? And I often watch 16 and pregnant, teen mom etc. And yet I still want a baby now. .  I dont really know what to do, beacause my bf does too. . .But I dont wanna end up like those other moms on those shows, without a life, teen-hood, education although my city has just opened up a small school for teen moms, I dont wanna be picked on at school, and have everyone say 'we knew you'd be the first one pregnant' embarrassed or anything like that, because I know Im not always a strong person. But maybe a baby might change that? Although, I dont have a job. And Im in NO financial state to even begin  thinking about it right now, but for future. I know when I was younger I H A T E D the idea of kids ever, hey I was like what 8? Of course Im not gonna want them then . .But still I have my reasons to want a baby now, like; I wanna baby now beacuse, Id rather have a close age gap than one of say 20+ years, I want to be able to hold something that I know is so precious Id give my life up for it. But the options hmm, they just dont weigh out. . . I'll keep posting about it, and hopefully something will come to me :)shrugging

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Apr. 24, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Your only 15 why are you in such of a hurry to grow up? Having a baby is a very big responsiblity, it will (having a baby) change your life for ever. You won't be able to go out with your friends anymore and you will have to be in by a certain time because of how much it will cost to pay the baby sitter to watch your child. You won't be able to sleep in anymore, or just take off and be with your friends, Your friends will change on you because they don't have children. You really need to think long and hard on the subject, and talk to other teen moms and see what they think on the subject and see what advice they will have for you.confusedembarrassedshrugging

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Apr. 24, 2011 at 7:48 PM

Im 16 and I JUST had my daughter, Ill admit, being a mommy is the best thing that ever happened to me! But, its H.A.R.D! Youre 15, enjoy life, mess stuff up, be imperfect, be beautiful! Wait until its T.I.M.E! Im sure when the time is right, youll get that baby(: And youll be READY to raise it!

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Apr. 25, 2011 at 3:23 PM

Having a baby changes everything. Not only does it change your social life but it changes the realtionship between you and your child's father. Having a baby at 15, takes away your childhood and you're no longer expected "not to know" how to be responsible because of your decision to bring another life into this world. At 15, you're not aware of the huge responsibility that comes along with having a child and although you think, having that holding someone that special is great.....that little baby grows up and will require more than just holding, that child will require, your time, your patience, your understanding, your comittment as a mother, all your money, your will be his/her voice and most importanly, you will sacrafice your life for this child. All your needs will come before you begin on this journey, why not get yourself in position to have a child where you can financially take care of this child and be mentally prepared to deal with becoming a mother?

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