There’s an entry coming up on my breakup with Target, but for now I’d prefer to write about something a lot more important.

I have been so incredibly stressed lately about a great number of things. (Getting ready to introduce a new little person into the world, work, not getting a paycheck for the foreseeable future; really the list could go on and on.) Despite all of the items on my unending List of Things to Worry About, there is one thing I know to be certain. In the grand scheme of things, everything will be OK. I know this to be true because this mantra hasn’t failed me yet.

I am so awestruck sometimes by the fierceness of the love I have for you. Likewise, I am equally awestruck by the love I know you have for me.

“As much as I wanted to be with him, I felt blessed just to know him, to have him in my life and to be able to show him my feelings in what little ways I could do so. The honour and privilege of being able to love him was enough for me.

Before the change of what we call the world, I could not have imagined how amazingly wonderful what it is that we have together. When I stop to admire the aspects of our relationship, over and over I realize how perfect our life is together. You are my best friend through and through. Being my lover is just an added bonus.

Whenever you pull me in close and press your forehead against mine, I realize how perfect this is. Whenever you flash me that cheeky grin of yours unexpectedly, I realize how perfect this is. Whenever I snuggle up with you on the couch, I realize how perfect this is. Whenever you give me room to vent about what is bothering me at any particular moment, I realize how perfect this is. Whenever you give yourself to me, physically or otherwise, I realize how perfect this is. Whenever you joke around (with me or with our 2 eldest children), I realize how perfect this is.Whenever our youngest approaches me just to place his hand on my belly, I realize how perfect this is. All of these things, coupled with everything else we have together, serve as a constant reminder of just how perfect this.

I love you more than you can measure. And I can honestly say, I always have. I’d like to believe that I would have been content to simply travel on an infinite parallel with you, but I am so glad I don’t have to live that way, constantly pondering a long list of, “what ifs?” I am so glad that our paths finally merged.

There is one thing you were/are wrong about though. My life did/does hinge on your reciprocity. (I have the post secret to prove it.) That revelation, however, will have to wait for another day. <3


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