JUST in time for Mother's day...... As requested.... ;)

Mother's day Hostess Package GIVEAWAY!!!

  • 2 WINNERS being drawn!!

  • Place ANY order, between Easter Sunday, April 24th  through- May 1st to ENTER the drawing!!

  • EACH item purchased is ONE entry into the drawing!! (Ex; 2 items purchased= 2 times your name will be entered into the drawing!)

1st Prize: 

ALL Hostess rewards for ALL orders/entries  placed in this drawing!
*FREE jewelry up to $150.00!!!
*HALF OFF items -up to 10 .

2nd Prize:

The STUNNING - Classic Twist Pearl necklace... (Hostess SPECIAL item- not available in the catalog!)
REGULARLY sold for $36.00!!!

Another pic of this beauty ;)

*One winner per prize.

**All orders/entries placed in this particular giveaway WILL be delivered in time for Mother's day. =)

* You can place your order with me via email or directly through my website.

***Please, don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions!!!

View the online catalog by clicking HERE!!

<3 <3 <3 Happy Shopping!!! <3 <3 <3


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