After having such a wonderful meal with my family yesterday.  I do not even want to think about a single calorie that was swallowed, so why is it that's all I can think about.  Is it because the sun is shinning and I know that it will soon be bathing suit time or is it because I shot the button on my shorts across the room this morning....  I think it could be both!

With the greatest intention I planned on greeting this day as the "First day of the rest of my life"!  Come on you know that day.  The day it all starts.  The day you eat healthy,  start exercising, spend less money, less time in front of the computer and no cocktails (it's to early for them, but I know it's coming!).  Well, let's just say I made it to the eating healthy part and I am remaining optimistic about that.  I'll be going with the, "all things in moderation", concept for the rest.

Can't fully except the blame this time, I have been waiting for the pediatrician to call.  So stuck inside paying bills with a sick kido...that means no exercise and I have to be on the computerfor the bills.  You can feel my pain. 

Did put together Beef tips with leeks, carrots, celery, potatoes & red wine in the Crock-pot (nice and healthy and saves money).  Can't let that opened bottle of red wine go to waste though, wouldn't be very frugal... 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

So why worry about my extra 5,  I am surely not alone?  5 pound on a skinny girl is the same as 5 pounds on a big girl (Me being the big girl).  Their buttons pop too!  Losing weight is never as easy as finding it.  But, I want to be skinny.  I want to be the skinny girl that gained 5 pounds, I want to be her.  I know I should be more understanding but it is really hard when I could eat her!!

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