For the last two or three years I have been trying to convince my husband to try for a baby of our own. Between us we have three children. He has a son almost 9 and daughter 14 from a previous relationship and i have a son 9 from a previous relationship. I have desperately wanted a baby that is ours together for a while and finally on Saturday I got  him to agree to try for a baby of our own!! I am so totally excited at the opportunity to go through this experience with my husband. However at the same time I am soo terribly scared because we have been unofficially been trying that is I haven't been on birth control in three years and nothing has happened. I could always tell myself before that it didn't happen because he wasn't ready or because we really weren't trying but not if it doesn't happen we might have to face the fact that something could be wrong with one or both of us and that is really scarey! I am anxious to start trying for our own little bundle and hope that it happens for us as well as all of the nice women in the trying to conceive group who are hoping the same thing for themselves!

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