On Saturday we had our baby shower. My SD22 was there and spent most of the time making a big deal over her sister (mine and DH's DD 1 1/2yr). On Sunday Easter, SD22 flaked out on coming to spend Easter with us. My DD kept pointing to Sd's picture and asking where? It broke my heart but I belived the story she told me about loseing her keys at the bar the night before. Today on her FB page her friends tag her in their Easter Pics and tell her how nice it was to see her on Sunday!!! I am soo angry and hurt for my DD who doesn't understand yet. Now that my DD is geting to understand that SD is supposed to be in her life what am I to do?

I think this weekend I am going to take down all the pics of SD and put them in my DH's work area (the shed) so he can look at them when he wants but it is not being rubed in my DD's face that she is not there. I want to tell SD that she might as well just not come around at all if she is just going to make things hard on DD.  I am the one who has to put up with the crying for SD and try to explain where SD is when DD asks, not SD. I told her that SD was at work. She does understand that at least.

Both DH and I work full time so she understands what work means. But it is getting harder to keep her mind off of SD for the whole day.

I am at a loss on what to do. I don't understand SD and it is breaking my heart that she doesn't want to be apart of our lives.

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Apr. 25, 2011 at 6:31 PM

im sorry that ur dd is having to deal with this. i understand some of what ur saying my family lives on the west coast while i live in chicago. i refuse to have pics of my mom in my house because she is horrible sometimes my screen saver comes on and it has a pic of my son with her. he will ask about where is she. he calls her laura because he doesnt even know her. i do have alot of pics of my other family members who live far away though.

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Apr. 25, 2011 at 7:00 PM

My SD lives 20 min away. And on the weekdays when DH and  I are at work DD is 3 miles from where SD lives. When we are in front of DH's family SD acts like she is all about being a big sister but when the family event is over so is SD's affection towards her sister.

I have half sisters and brothers. I have always been involved in thier lives and have never treated them like they aren't my sisters or brothers. Just because they have a different dad than me doesn't make them any less of a sibling to me. But my SD doesn't feel the same and I don't understand why and it is breaking my heart and my Daughter's.

I am sorry that you have to endure it as well but with your mom. Thanks for not bashing me.


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