Working from home so far has been great! Learning how to manage my time and take care of all three girls.Right now I am trying to learn how to blog. I don't even know where to start! Is there a professional blogger out there?!?!?! 

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Apr. 27, 2011 at 12:07 PM

I am not a professional, yet, however I love blogs as well and will start a blog to go along with my website where you can watch movies.  I came up with the idea of a movie blog, but haven't posted yet so be on the lookout for it.  Meanwhile, I have signed up with blogger, it is free and fairly easy to use.  However, getting used to the tools and how you get seen in the blogrolls and get fans is another story.  I have to learn, and you should too, how to tag your blog, submit it and get it picked up in all the search engines.  Of course, cafemom members will most lkely help.  Also, once you get the blog going a few times and a few fans, in order to make money from your blog, you can add paid links through adsense (be careful and be sure to keep it related) or go join an affiliate group like linksynergy/linkexchange/commission junction and once approved, pick up "ads" to get paid from.  Sometimes not a lot of money unless someone buys or signs up or clicks, but hey, you never know, a few dollars is a few dollars right? Good luck, keep me posted, we can share blog creating stories. LOL

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