Nickhole's Journal

Some of my thoughts and some nonsense

When I was born my mom didn't even see me until I was 10 days old, which is the day I was released from the hospital, I was there for 10 days because I was born 6wks early and I weighed 4lbs 8oz....I was also 19 inches long...I looked a bit like an alien, lol...

Anyhow, my dad was with me every single day that I was in the hospital. And I swear he shows me favoritism over my other two sisters. One is 22 and the other is 11. 

Here are some examples, when I was 16 my dad would let my boyfriend spend the night, in my room. When my sister was 16 she wasn't allowed to have her boyfriend at the house (she still managed to get pregnant in high school) he wouldn't let her boyfriend spend the night even after she had the baby, he was allowed to stay for 2 weeks after my nephew was born because my sister couldn't have sex for 10 weeks because of a 4th degree tear. 

One time I was going to go to the mall but didn't have any money and my mom was over helping my sister do something and she gave me 10 dollars, just so I'd have some money I guess, and when I was about to leave my dad asked if I had any money and I said that my mom had given me 10 dollars, so he went and got $50 for me...which is hilarious, so not only am I his favorite, he also tries to one up my mom. 

Another thing, when I was 17, my boyfriend at the time was graduating boot camp, in South Carolina, my dad gave me more than enough money to go there to see him graduate and to have spending money...which I was very grateful for. 

Also, after I had my oldest I was talking to him telling him that I was taking the money he was going to gove me for christmas and I was going to buy all new clothes because none of mine fit anymore because I lost a bunch of weight after having my baby, I weighed less after I had him than I did before I got pregnant. Well, he said 'here take my credit card and go buy you some new clothes, spend $200.00' so I did. 

Then, whenever my DH got into an accident my dad loaned me and DH the money to rent a car. That was $250.00, we paid him back, even though he tried to tell us not to worry about it.

He also sold us this house well below what it's worth, which I am forever grateful for as well. 

I only wrote this to get it off my chest, because it was something I have been thinking about.  

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