I am an OC Mom, and mom to Nicole, age 9, who is a top model in LA.  My daughter has done campaigns for GAP, Kmart, Children's Place and many others. I am new to CAFEMOM,  and also the President of StarKids Consulting, a consulting company that provides moms the knowledge, tools and resources to get their kids started in Hollywood.

For members who are in the Southern California area, I provide one-on-one consulting, and also small mommy group presentations. For those out of state members, I will soon have a website in which all of my tools and resources will also be available to you to help on your cross country road to stardom!

If you are interested in contacting me, please see my profile at  Starlynn6221 or contact me  at: StarKidsConsulting@yahoo.com

Lisa Breault-Follmer, President  - "From OC to Hollywood - Talk to the Mom Who Can Show You The Way."

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