Angellight626's Journal




Sometimes you allow us Lord
To go through times of testing
And often, Lord, it may come to us
After a time of blessing

You let those times we go through
Be times of deeper work
To teach us Lord to trust in you
Even though we may hurt

We try so hard to understand
Just what is going on
And why we go through such a low
When before we felt so strong

And when our bodies are in such pain
And our minds are in the dark
Why do doubts of your word, Lord
Creep into our hearts?

We wonder where you are, O God
In the midst of all our doubt
And why you even allow such trials
That seems to cloud you out

It often seems so hard for us
To trust you in these times
We want you to remove the pain
In our bodies and our minds

And yes, O God, I know you heal
And give us hope to believe in
Then other times you allow us to
Go through difficult seasons

But you know what’s best for us
And you see the bigger picture
You’re always there to walk with us
Into a brighter, hope filled future

© By M.S.Lowndes

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