JP is my oldest. He is 5 and thinks he is not the baby any more. He told me about a week ago that he loves his baby brother and his sister but he wishes they did not live here all the time. I did  not know what to say to my little man. It made me want to cry. So I have been trying to do things with him more one on one but with 2 other kids and being a stay at home mom with a daycare doing one on one with him is not that easy. But I have seen him starting to act out. He is starting to hit and be very ugly to people. But when I have him with just me or when he is one on one with someone he is great. I am taking him to Kings Dominion next month with his Aunt and two of his cousins and I am hoping I get to talk to him to let him know that he is not the odd one out that he is still my little man and we love him just as much now if not more then when we had him.

Any ides on anything more I can do??

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