When did they put slavery back as an option for people? There is no human being that has made such great sacrifice for me that I owe him/her my life.I volunteered for a position in a group. I do not get paid for this position nor do do I expect to. I do expect to be treated with respect and not be told when I can and cannot do something other than watch over a group.If you cannot take me as I am then maybe I am the wrong person for your group.I DO have a right to go have fun. If I promise to do something I do my best to make sure that job is fulfilled and on time.

I DON'T deserve to get reamed because the job is not done 6 hours ahead of the due date.I DO deserve the same respect as everyone else.REMEMBER group owners this admin stuff is volunteer. I CAN and I will walk away from any volunteer position that interferes with my life. LAST I knew I am still living in America and I still have that right to come and go of off here as I please.So if my job isn't good enough then go find some other person to sit at a computer 7 days a week 365 days a year and ask to have time off. I am not asking for time Off. I tell when I want time off. I am a person, not a child, not a dog. I WILL NOT Sit here and watch over adult women. I prepare whats necessary for the sake of helping run a smooth group, and then,,,,,, It`s time for me.I need to pay bills, spend time with family , go celebrate . Even watch TV or go shopping. Anything I feel big and bad enough to do within the limits of not causing harm to myself or another. So group owners ,, hear ye, here ye. If you want good admins don`t treat them l8ke dirt beneath you. Or they will disappear , Poof , gone. And no 2 weeks notice either.

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Apr. 26, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Sorry you are having such a hard time, but volunteer work is rarely appreciated!

We volunteer at a local food pantry and people are so DEMANDING, ungrateful, curt, and LAZY. They won't even get up off their behind to help load $150 worth of FREE groceries?  They write NASTY letters tot he Director because someone said something they thought was rude,  or they left out ONE of their free items, or because we were laughing in the office and not "doing our work while they were waiting over an hour!" (We serve 500+ families a month and are only open 6 days a month,  openfor 2 hours, so trust me we ARE working hard and very busy!)  But, it doesn't matter, there are still "those few" that have to complain and try to get us in trouble. 

We want to quit all the time, but we hang in there because we are doing a good thing. Remember for the "few" that are mean and spiteful" there are MANY that appreciate your effort!  Focus on them!

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Apr. 26, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Wow, so sorry there are so many ungrates out there.I am shocked at people and thank ful for people like you.

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