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I am currently working on a new Het series called "Tom and Laken", who originated from a small RP me and a fellow writer worked on a few months ago. But I figured before I begin posting, I should give everyone a little back information on who Tom and Laken are. :)


"Tom and Laken"

Name: Tom Trumper

Age: 21

DOB: Sept. 1, 1987

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Back History:

Tom and his twin brother, Bill, moved to Los Angeles, CA from Germany when they were 16 years old. Moving in with family friends of their Mother's. Their move was sudden due to having to escape the unhealthy conditions of their home life. Tom's dream was to one day see his name out there as the next top fashion designer, and even at the age of 17, he had created many designs. With his own personal style taste and the style taste of his twin, Tom burst into the fashion world at the meere age of 17.  Now, 4 years later, he is one of the most famous young designers, along with his twin, who has helped Tom launch his well known clothing line "Karl Kane". It was also at the age of 17 that Tom met the one person who would throw his world upside down and become the only other person (next to Bill) that he'd ever be able to trust his deepest secrets with. Her name, Laken (Bochichio (Bo-Key-Key-O)) Lincoln

Name: Laken (Bochichio/Lincoln) Trumper

Age: 24

DOB: Aug. 19, 1984

Occupation: Owner (and propriator)  of Leather&Lace Gentleman's Club

Back History:

Laken Bochichio was the youngest of 5 children, but was raised an only child. At the age of 14, she witnessed as her biological father, Luigi Bochichio, brutally murder her 4 older brothers (one of which was her twin) and her mother, before taking his own life in a Homicide/Suicide. After 4 days, she was found hidden between her twin brother's bed and the wall, the bodies of her brothers, Matthew, 17, Nicholas, 16, Alexander, 15, and Joshua, 14, blocking anyone from seeing her hidden away. When asked why she was put in such a position, she explained in a broken voice that her brothers were hiding her from their abusive father after he had come home in a drunken tirad. After a year of hospitalization and therapy, she was placed in the custody of the system and soon fostered and adopted by Jerry and Rose Lincoln. At 18, Laken went off to UCLA, pursuing a bachelors in Business Management. At 18, she bought and opened Leather&Lace, determined to prove that woman could run such a business and be just as successful. Within a year, L&L was a booming Gentleman's club, well known for the beautiful dancers, amazing drinks, and Laken. Also at the age of 19, Laken meets Tom, a up and coming fashion designer.

Within a year of meeting, Tom and Laken marry. It's 3 years later that their story is told.


So tell me what you think :) I'm excited to get the first of many short stories revolving around Tom, Laken, and their amazing love story written and posted.

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