So on the night of day 2 my sister watched the 3 little kids (who were all fast asleep) so the grown ups could go out for a night out on the town. This was the first time I have ever....EVER had anyone babysit my kids and the first time I have ever gone out with hubby without my kids!!! And I found myself constantly looking behind me in search of a child. I felt naked without them in tow. LOL

I had so much fun seeing the sights and I loved how I could totally just walk down the street with drink in hand and I wasn't breaking any laws!!

I got to meet my nieces boyfriend (and father of my grandniece) who I totally ended up liking despite all the times my niece called me to bitch about him in the past. And sadly was informed she was breaking things off with him once and for all. Sad. And it was a little wierd getting hammered with 2 of my neices.........I changed their diapers after all and now we were doing shots!! I felt old. But I had fun.

And OMFG Las Vegas goes hella X-rated at night!!! We could not walk a block without being either handed fliers for escorts, massages or topless dancers or having some dude offer to get the guys in our happy little group laid.  It was kinda obnoxious. And hilarious all at the same time. Unfortunately we missed all of the shows they do in front of the casinos, but I don't care. We had a good time.

to be continued.............

the first 2 are of my hubby. The 3rd one is my niece Amanda and her boyfriend (soon to be ex) Nathan. And in the last is both my nieces Amanda and Samantha and the guy is a family friend.....he's sort of like a nephew to me, but he's not related. I just love him!!

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Apr. 26, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Keep em coming dear, keep em coming. :)

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Jun. 13, 2011 at 4:11 PM

Hey they let you walk down the strip with a drink in your hand nice!

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Jun. 13, 2011 at 4:12 PM

Hell ya that was the BEST part!!!! I was double fisting it!!!

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