To Christians everywhere,I advise you to live according to your new life in the HOLY SPIRIT. Then you won't be doing WHAT your SINFUL NATURE craves.The old SINFUL Nature, LOVES to DO EVIL,which is just the opposite,FROM WHAT the HOLY SPIRIT wants.And the SPIRIT gives us DESIRES THAT are opposite from what the SINFUL Nature DESIRES.These TWO FORCES are CONSTANTLY FIGHTING eachother.But you can STOP the FIGHTING by CHOOSING  which lifestyle you are going to LIVE FOR the DAY.Are you GOING to LIVE for GOD or LIVE for THE DEVIL?Even if you choose to live for God for the day you will still have to make WISE CHOCIES TO not offend GOD.But even if you fail God get back up on your feet and try again,PRAY AT ALL TIMES AND SING PRAISE SONGS.Stay away from BAD COMPANY and try to fellowship with good Christians on here and abroad.When you FOLLOW the DESIRES of your SINFUL NATURE, your LIVES WILL produce, these EVIL results.Sexual Immorality,impure thoughts,eagerness for lustful pleasures,idolatry and that means anything that takes you attention away from God,Participation in Demonic activities-witchcraft,sorcery and the like,hostility,quarreling,jealousy, envy, outbursts of anger,selfish ambition, divisions,pride,judging others on skin color, clicks,drunkenness,wild parties, and other kinds of sins. Let me say that if you are a Christian and you are living this way you won't go to heaven.But when the holy spirit controls YOUR LIFE, HE will produce THIS KIND OF FRUIT IN US, Love, Joy, peace,Patience, Kindness,Goodness, Faithfulness,Gentleness,and SELF-CONTROL and you should pray over your meals it may help with weight control.Since being more in the Spirit myself I notice my love for food or sweets has gone away.The Bible talks about God wants US CHRISTIANS to produce FRUIT in our lives, that's the kind of fruit that he wants.God refers us to like a tree and he wants us to grow fruit, FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT that is.HE says if A CHRISTIAN DOES NOT PRODUCE FRUIT, he is cut down and thrown into the FIRE!Those who BELONG TO CHRIST JESUS, HAVE NAILED their PASSIONS and DESIRES of their SINFUL NATURE to HIS CROSS and Crucified THEM there!Does that mean you don't get to have fun anymore,DO YOU THINK getting angry, and being jealous is fun,NO LIVING IN THE SPIRIT is so much more FUN because YOU HAVE AWESOME fellowship WITH GOD and his Christians. I look forward to everyday to be alone with God since I've been trying to live HOLIER.I have the JOY of the LORD in MY HEART that's WHAT gets me so EXCITED ABOUT LIFE.

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