Hello everyone, let's see......well, kids r growing, Tracy is 15.5 &has his learners permit, but drives me nuts when he's driving, lol....Jamal is 5 as of past st.patricks day--i know right---holiday B-day :-).....he's ending preschool here soon, and will go to kindergarden this coming august, yay :-).......Jessica, is 3 as of feb06, and wow, she's a drama queen, girly girl, tomboy, she loves to run, dance, sing, and most of all, aggravate her brother Jamal(age5)......I"m still a stay at home mom, recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, along with chronic migraines i've had for over 20yrs, but no tumors or anything bad like that.....Sometimes it is hard to put on a happy face, and 95% of time it's inevitable that i'll be stressed out when kids aren't listening, etcetera......now their dad, he's got a bad injury to his back, so he's going thru a regimen of shots til midjune, then more than likely will have to do surgery.......love my family, but usually feels like i have 4kids, rather than 3, LOL.........I desperately need grownup conversation, chat, any and all of it........does it ever get better i bet some r thinking, and yep it does get better but we all can't have a perfect world, we can dream, but........LOL..........signing off for the moment, and hope this post doesn't sound totally whacky.

Take care everyone, and let's talk, *smiles*


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Apr. 26, 2011 at 3:01 PM

hi there!! Sounds like your a busy mom. I'd like to be friends . Have a great day.

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Apr. 27, 2011 at 11:42 PM

Hi :-), I'd love to be friends, absolutely :-)......yes, i'm busy usually, but the trick is to figure out how to please everyone---close to impossible, hm? :-)

Talk again soon, and have a great day :-)

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