I have a lot of patience, I mean, i have to...I have 4 kids all under the age of eight! I have managed to keep my cool through pebbles in the nose, projectile poops, and vomits...and all types of, "I'm sorry, Mommy." moments! However, I am now dealing with a whole new realm of patience. My husband is currently incarcerated. Its not as though I am married to the "Mob" or anything. But, he got caught up on an old charge that just finally eeked its way through our court system. Luckily, the judge showed him some leniancy, seeing as he is a member of our local carpentry union, and has been out of trouble since this last charge. (Over five years) But, now, i am home alone with the kids and losing my mind. I am totally aware of the many, many women that have to hold down the fort as their men are away, defending our nation and the freedoms that we so value. (My hubby is a veteran, as well as my brother & I thank all of our service people immensely for their sacrifices) I also know that his absence is nothing at all like that- due to the fact that he is away based on his wrong doings, and not by choice, or civic duty. I just wonder, how do I cope with the lack of intimacy, the lack of closeness, and the lack of parental support? I am so lonely, and its only been THREE months! OMG! Please help! thanx in advance.shrugging

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