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  It is finally here.She going in to have it done tomorrow.I feel like a bitch because she gets on my nerves so I don't listen to her all the time.She knew it was going to be done a few months ago.By the time I realised she said surgery .I didn't even hear what she said before that.I think she said she is having it removed.Can they do that??I am praying for her though.Shane (my husband) is going to the hospital with her tomorrow.She has to be at the hospital at 8am.

  For once it doesn't bother me either that he is spending the day with his mom.That is why she gets on my nerves so much.She calls every morning, texts him all day long - some of the things she interupts is not something you want your husbands mother to be interupting.She always needs him to do something at her house, she is right on top of him when he is at work all day and yes she still texts him when she is there.There is just to much of her in my face all the time.I am 36 and my husband is 40 btw.Shouldn't she have cut the apron strings a freaking VERY long time ago.Ugh..

 I wouldn't wish surgery on any one though.I am glad Shane is going withher.I know she has to be scared.

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Apr. 27, 2011 at 8:20 AM

I hope it will go well and yes..they do remove the Gallbladder. I'll be saying a prayer!

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