so im 6 months pregnant,i have a 3 year old son and my husband just deployed,iam beyond stressed about everything, my son had decided he was gonna start being outta control, so not how my son is, he is pretty well behaved which im very proud to say that i was able to do that shocked the hell outta me.but now that his daddy left( not his biological father btw he is outta the picture) he is going crazy, all he does is throw tantrums and cries andhe gets into the babys stuff and throws it around and he's been hitting me and just going crazy.and my husband seems to think he can spend all that deployment money granted i know he makes it hes over there fighting for our freedom and to keep our home safe and im so proud of my husband. but seriously wtf does he need an xbox 360 kinect and playstation 3 and a wii for while he is over there when he barely has time to call and talk to his family.Still need to get baby stuff, babies need diapers and clothes and wipes and bottles etc.( have most of that stuff but thats not the point) and to top it all off i got a notice on my door yesterday saying my apts were having there annual inspection in 2 days. i cant barely walk because my pelvic bones are seperarting already and they are seprating wrong and im in so much pain all the time,so im trying to get the house spotless, with a whinny 3 year who just wants to be held all the time and having to help everyone else, i cant do it, iam just one person. all i do is cry.and iam sick of crying. ive got to figure this out sry it was soo long needed to vent.

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Apr. 28, 2011 at 12:52 PM


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