I am sitting here thinking of how thankful I am for Cafe Mom. It really helps me make it through my painfully boring days at work. In fact, it is hard to pull away when I actually have work to do.

Since joining, my main focus has been step parenting and blended families. It is something near and dear to my heart. So, I sought out as many of those types of groups as possible. I wanted advice, stories, to relate, and to debate.

 I found one particular group that keeps me the most entertained. The woman on there have really changed my perspective. It is amazing how a bunch of strangers can alter the way YOU look at the world and your situation. When I first started, I thought I had it rough. My BM was a pain, etc... She isn't and I learned that really quick. I am amazed at some of the stories these women tell. I cannot even fathom having to deal with their BM's or SM's for that matter. 

Not only did I learn my BM is actually pretty cool, I learned that I am pretty cool too. I am an easy going, non overstepping SM. I had never heard of any of these things before joining, but got the lowdown real quick. SM's (one in particular) who really do think these kids are their's. WOW! I am still shocked when I read some posts. Like, are these women for real? They must be joking. Nope! Not even a smidgen of joke or sarcasm. They really do think they are the mom.

Then there are the SM's who have taken over the role of BM because BM is, well, just a total twatwaffle. She is piece of shit and could care less about her kids. Of course there are the other SM's who take on this role because the BF has custody. The BM isn't necessarily a POS, but she doesn't have her shit together. I don't know how they do it, but I respect them greatly. As much as I love my skids, I don't know how I would feel if they lived with us full time. Thank GOD my BM cares and is a good mom.

Which brings me to my next point. I am also a mother and a very good on at that (toot my own here). I couldn't imagine not wanting to spend every possible waking moment with my kids. How do these BM's just give up? It is mind boggling to me. I know, I know, there are some that are faced with addiction, etc.. BUT, there are many that don't have those issues and just choose NOT to want to have much (if anything) to do with their kids. I love my kids with every fiber of my being. I miss them when I am at work and I miss them when they are gone. I just...don't....get....it.... It is heartbreaking. But mostly, my heart breaks for those kids. The kids who want and need their mommies.

To sum it up. This site has been a blessing and a learning experience. I look forward the many more lessons and debates to come. I look forward to coming on here every day to see what is new out there. The challenges and issues and the solutions and outcomes. It is rewarding and fun! I heart Cafe Mom!

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