well i think i last  posted about getting my jobl.  NOW i had worked for a bit over a month and missed three days in that time period ONE for the ice storm that they did not excuse for those that missed TWO the weather but could have made it in and would have if my husband did not ask me to stay home and its my fault not his though i did mention him THREE my step fathers quadruple by pass surgary and he just came home a day ago.  I was pretty dissapointed and was told i was done while in the waiting rooom of my step fathers surgery. 

  Well i brushed it off and the next day i was out putting in applications and resumes.  no calls back yet. 

I am enjoying time home with my kids again but really needing a job.  just cant believe i lost this job.  easter was good my kids and i went to church and than went down to see grandpa at the hospital.  he was happy.

  my van is in the shop and i am so hoping that i have the money by the time they are done fixing it.  i have over five or will have about a thousand saved after the first of may but will than  be like three hundred short so we will see how i figure out the rest.  i really need a van.  i have three kids and my brothers woman has two.  i keep her in mind and her two with her being home bound.  no license no car she goes no where and her boy friend my brother works constantly never home.

  about a week ago i had to put ten in gas run 7.5 miles to get my moms car grab her and her two and go to the er since he cut his toe pretty good.  than took her home and back to my moms.  i didnt have seat belts for three kids.  its a wagon with only one back seat belt. 

  i sell avon and am shy and need to find more/new customers.

any one interested in buying avon?

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