Oh where do I start..well that is the big question I ask myself everyday. I think I am depressed. I have neglected my house so bad for the last six months its is awfull. I pick up and do laundry and thats about it. It has become so overwhelming to me. I think it all started around the holidays when I started having some problems with my plumbing. It still has not been fixed and I get the run around when I ask about it. I cant really cook cause my sink clogs up and the sewer comes up in the sink when I use it or at least thats what it smells like. We eat out all the time because of that. I have had some other issues with my home and the landlord is trying to blame me when its no way my fault. Im uncomfortable living here. Im sick to my stomach all the time. Im not being the best mom I could and should be to my children. Im also about to lose 750 a month in income...so I wont be able to afford this place anymore anyway. I wish I could just pack up our valuables and a few clothes and move and leave this house and not tell the landlord and let him deal with all the crap. I have no motivation or desire to live anymore..I can not find joy in anything. I used to love cleaning my house and it was always spotless...every room of it was so clean and nice. Im embaressed of myself. I do not know who I am...I have no special talents...I am so lonely and scared. What do I do? Where do I start?

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Apr. 27, 2011 at 4:32 PM

How about moving?? And maybe going back to school? Alot of women i know would be willing to trade off babysitting. If you can find another mother who would be willing to watch your girls while ur at school and then you return the favor while she is in school. Or leave them with a friend/ family member. Is there a boyfriend/husband/baby daddy in your life? Honey are you doing all of this on your own?

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