I was raised Roman Catholic as was my husband.  We completed all our sacrements including marriage in the church in front of God and our family.  Our vows stated that we would welcome children into our family, and we tried the au naturale way of having children, you know, the biblical way! It didnt happen...so we went to the doctor for testing and found that our best chance was IVF...so we went and did it and have 3 beautiful children.  We did not create embryos with the intention of destroying those we did not use, in fact we adopted out the remaining 4 embryos we had cryopreserved.  The Catholic church stands firm in its belief that what my husband and I did was wrong. We have sinned against God and the church in order to have a family because we created our children in a pitri dish instead of in the womb.  Well I do not believe that I need forgiveness for this, I do not believe that I have sinned.  When I die and I am facing St Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven and they want to hold this over my head I will let all of them know that I love my children, and the ones that I gave to another family were loved just as much as the ones the I bore as my own.  I just hope that some day the Vatican can come out of the dark ages in some of its beliefs.  There are members of the church that need help to have kids...and yes we could have adopted but we wanted to try to have biological kids first...if that didnt succeed, adoption was our next step...

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May. 14, 2011 at 3:41 PM

I agree with all you said!!  I can't stand when people say that stuff...those are the people that don't have problems having kids.  I have done IVF 3 times, had 2 miscarriages and a failed cycle...we have only 2 embryos left...we are hoping to get our bundle of joy with these last 2!!!  I think of it like this....God is STILL in control...he still decides if we get pregnant at all and if we carry to term.  So, I don't think that a little help is so wrong.  So happy for you that you have your beautiful 3!!! :)

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