I am so sick of people trying to tell me about me. They don't know anything about me. They may have seen me a few times and that is it. But do they know e? No they couldnt tell you shit I been thru or going through. I am avery tough book to read.  I'm sick of people thinking they can say anything to me becuase of what they think is going on. Bitch if you were real with me I would have no problem telling you. I dont want nor need everybody in my business so that is why I keep a lot of fuckers away from me.

I already know people are not looking out for me so why should I trust you? I know peole can be out to hurt you so again why should I let you near me without 20ft of barbed wire and grenades in hand?

Also dont like when folks from the past chict chat with me and only have that memory. I understand why they would but I don't even remember who i was back then so I would appreciate if they got to know the real me now not the girl from way back when.


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