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That's my blog, if any Witches, Pagans, or curious people are interested at taking a look inside my head and how I see things.

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Apr. 28, 2011 at 10:32 PM The way you were raised reminds me alot like how I was raised, a few exceptions of course. I have 4 siblings that I was responsible for. I grew up wearing long dresses to hide the bruises from the beatings I recieved because “I could never do anything right!” The mental abuse, I feel, is worst than the physical abuse. Even at my age I can hear the words my father spoke. Your fat, (I never was), ugly, and stupid.. Proved them all wrong on all counts :) I broke away from my family at the young age of 18. I saved enough money and purchased a one-way ticket to Oregon from Ky. I've never looked back. My family is my husband and sons. Occassionally I get depressed, something will trigger an emotion, anger, sadness etc. but I pick myself up and try not to allow them to make me upset. Thanks for sharing your story, I know I'm not alone..Stay strong, become a mid wife like you want and love your husband and daughter!

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